Monday, July 2, 2012

Architects of Air 2012

The Architects of Air “luminarium” is a monumental inflatable structure, a dazzling maze of tunnels and soaring domes that immerses visitors in the beauty of light and color.  Each luminarium consists of panels of uniquely-produced plastic, fastened on-site to occupy nearly 11,000 square feet.  An interplay of Gothic cathedrals and Islamic architecture, the structure is anchored and then, in just 20 minutes, inflated to its monumental size.                                     (Taken from

Counterparts sold tickets, answered questions at the ticket office, and assisted in event experience interaction designed to create a memorable guest visit.  We partnered with Midtown by assisting with crowd control, as traffic exceeded 10,000 guests including early morning surges that were handled with composure and professionalism. Counterparts was asked to change the box office times to a whole hour earlier than usual due to the incredible heat that day.  At a moment’s notice and without hesitation our experienced concierges were able to set up shop and open the ticket office an hour earlier to accommodate guest needs. 

Thank you Midtown Crossing for allowing us the unique opportunity to participate in this outstanding event.  Proceeds from ticket sales were donated directly from Midtown Crossing to the Nebraska Arts Council.  We hope to see the Architects of Air luminarium again in Omaha in years to come.

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